What Women Want on Adult FriendFinder

Adult FriendFinder, also known as AFF, is the oldest online hookup site in the world. And probably one of the best for no strings attached illicit sex.

I know because I have used Adult FriendFinder on many occasions seeking a little fun. So how does one go about hooking up on AFF with a good success rate? Well, here are my two cents.

First you need to appreciate what women want on AFF to begin with.

Let me just say…

The ratio of men to women is ridiculous. Statistics report the ratio of men to women being near 100 to 1 in some states. Yep, guys that is a big ole gap. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t women on the hunt for sex too.

The next issue is the bulk of women who have a profile on AFF are cam girls, escorts or porn stars looking for their next client. That’s fine if you’re into that kind of thing. But if not, it’s a different story.

Thankfully, there are exceptions.

Yes, there are women on AFF who are simply looking to have a good time with no strings attached.

Now the first thing to know about women on Adult FriendFind is this: they are not using AFF to get your stereotypical Tuesday night sex.

Trust and believe, we can walk down the street and get laid if we really wanted. And I do mean that. Even the most homely girl can pull it off.

For women, the appeal of AFF is different.

There are things we want that we can’t quite explain.

Many women join AFF to fulfil fantasies and to entertain fetishes that have slipped outside the realms of our previous relationships. We want the excitement of meeting a guy with the same desires.

Yes, some of us have very deep (and some might say dark) fantasies. Fantasies we are afraid to explore with people in our normal everyday life.

The typical Match.com casual encounter seeker is going to find it uncomfortable telling someone they have a golden showers fantasy. So we have sites like AFF as an outlet for fetishes and fantasies. And a good outlet it is.

Examples of common fantasies women use AFF for:

  • An older woman seeking a younger man.
  • A younger woman seeking a much older man.
  • Sex in public places.
  • Women who want to be dominated.
  • Women who want to submit.
  • Women who want to be pissed on or piss on you.
  • White women who crave black men.
  • Women looking to have an affair.

This is just a small list of what women want on AFF.

If you’re lucky enough to meet a real woman who isn’t a cam girl, escort or porn star — bear in mind that she probably wants to try something different to the sex she could pick up in a bar on Friday night. And because she’s a woman, she can afford to wait for the right person to try that with.

Start out being a bonehead and she will move on immediately.

Be a gentleman and get to know her. Be mysterious. Don’t hand your bedroom key to her on a silver platter and expect her to accept it just because it’s an adult hookup site. Unless you are smoking hot, that is probably not what she’s here for.

I’ll be posting more AFF tips this week. Check back tomorrow!

If you don’t already have an AFF account, set one up here.

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