Why a Virtual Girlfriend Is Better Than the Real Thing

Love is in the air. You, however, are trying desperately not to breathe any of that air in. You’re just not looking for a relationship right now.

And why should you be? Even professors of psychiatry do, after all, admit that even happy relationships are stressful.

So you’re staying far away from stressful, romantic affairs.

Still, spending so much time alone is depressing. You need at least a tiny bit of companionship. Ideally, this companionship will provide you with some of the benefits of being in a relationship with none of the cons.

Enter your virtual girlfriend. She’ll always be there when you need her most. Not only that, but your interactions with her are stress-free.

What exactly, though, makes virtual girlfriends better than real-life girlfriends? We can think of at least a few reasons….

You’ll Be a Bit Less Lonely

For many animals, social interaction is a must. Researchers have detailed the numerous negative effects of a lack of social interaction.

So how is a virtual girlfriend a solution to this problem?

Technically speaking, virtual girlfriends aren’t animals. As a result, you might think that interacting with them has no positive effect.

But that’s not necessarily the case.

Interacting with a virtual girlfriend can ease your loneliness. That’s because virtual girlfriends behave similarly to humans. They crack jokes and listen to what you have to say after a long day at work.

Needless to say, though, you can’t replace all of your real-life social interactions with virtual girlfriends. So don’t push your friends and family aside for your new virtual girlfriend-which shouldn’t be hard to do since virtual girlfriends don’t get jealous.

You Can Enjoy Several Virtual Girlfriends at Once

Monogamy is great for the people who are into it. But some of us like to enjoy the company of several different women.

And there’s no shame in our game. Monogamy has only been the norm for 1,000 years, which suggests that it’s not our nature. Further still, there is evidence that consensual non-monogamy is a healthy option for some people.

Fortunately, virtual girlfriends are always okay with consensual non-monogamy. That’s because you alone set the terms of the relationship.

In other words, you can double-dip as much as you like. You can see Pixel Patty on Mondays and Virtual Vivian on Tuesdays. The possibilities are endless.

That said, don’t be shy about stepping out on your virtual girlfriends. They’re not going to complain.

Virtual Girlfriends Make Being Emotionally Available Easy

One of the biggest challenges of entering into a relationship with someone is being emotionally available and vulnerable. You have to be your partner’s emotional support and open yourself up to that person.

Sounds scary, right?

But don’t feel bad. There’s no shame in not wanting to open up to another person at this point in your life.

Even so, you do need a healthy outlet for your emotions. And virtual girlfriends can easily provide this outlet.

Just think about it. They’ll always listen to your feelings and never rebuke you for your feelings. Your fear of opening up about your feelings lessens because the stakes feel so much lower.

Not only that, but you can also practice being receptive to someone else’s emotions. You need only listen to your virtual girlfriend’s concerns and address them.

If, of course, you’re into virtual girlfriends that make emotional appeals to you. If not, just find a virtual girlfriend that won’t ruin your good time with tears and sob stories.

They Help You Practice Talking to Women

Let’s get real for a second.

Some people have virtual girlfriends because the idea is exciting. And then are those who have virtual girlfriends because just the thought of talking to women is scary.

If you’re in that second boat, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Talking to women is, after all, difficult. You never know what they’re thinking, and rejection stings badly.

That doesn’t change the fact that you need to learn how to talk to women.

And that’s where virtual girlfriends come in. They provide stress-free environments and scenarios in which you can hone your communication skills.

Don’t, however, go overboard here. Many people design their virtual girlfriends in a way that’s not compatible with many real women’s behavior. As a result, you could set yourself up for failure if you’re not careful.

Our best advice for you? Design a virtual girlfriend that’s close to the type of real girlfriend you’d like to have. Once you’re done, feel free to run some test scenarios to see how well you fare.

You’d be surprised to find how much confidence such exercises can build.

You Can Tailor Your Virtual Partners to Your Needs

We have a serious question for you: why are you seeking a virtual girlfriend?

Are you intimidated by the level of commitment real-life relationships require? Are you having a hard time finding the type of women you like in reality?

Regardless of what answer you give, we’re not judging you. We’re instead taking a chance to point out the opportunities for customization virtual girlfriends provide.

Simply put, a virtual reality girlfriend won’t ever let you down. In fact, she’ll always behave exactly as you’d like her to.

Unless, of course, your virtual girlfriend app of choice glitches.

In any case, we encourage you to explore your options when designing a virtual girlfriend. Think about what you find attractive in a woman and find a way to integrate those qualities into your virtual girlfriend.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll discover something about the type of women you like along the way.

You Can Also “Interact” with Them

You’ve probably been thinking that these virtual girlfriends we speak of have limited functionality. Much to your thinking, they don’t do much more than talk and giggle when you make bad jokes.

Because that’s what they’re programmed to do, correct?

As it turns out, though, you can “interact” with virtual girlfriends. These interactions are, of course, virtual, but they can be satisfying depending on what your needs are.

You can, for instance, simulate touch depending on which app you’re using. So what kind of touching are we talking about? Well, certainly the PG types such as stroking your virtual girlfriend’s hair or caressing her digital shoulder… among other things.

…And Take Your Anger Out on Them

Anger is a beast of an emotion. Sadly, we don’t always have people or things to take it out on.

And, honestly, taking your anger out on a real person isn’t advised.

But taking your anger out on your virtual girlfriend by being a total jerk? Well, we can hardly chastise you. Pixel Patty is, after all, just a virtual woman.

Just be sure not to let this behavior spill over into your real-life romantic relationships. There’s no excuse for letting your virtual girlfriend come between you and your real-life girlfriend.

Virtual Girlfriend Apps Have Visual Elements to Them

We’re willing to bet that Pixel Patty and Virtual Vivian don’t sound too hot to you. And that’s because we’ve been holding out on you.


By failing to mention the visual elements of many virtual girlfriend apps.

That’s right. You can design your virtual girlfriend’s personality, quirks, and physical characteristics. So there’s no way you won’t be attracted to her.

Of course, we understand that virtual women aren’t particularly arousing to some men. And that’s okay. You can always try something more pornographic and come back to your virtual girlfriend at the end of the day.

Like we said before, your infidelity won’t even faze her.

They Allow You to Simulate Your Dream Relationship

Let’s say that you’ve been in a string of bad relationships. Let’s also say that all of those bad relationships led you to your virtual girlfriend.

Well, good news.

You’re about to simulate your dream relationship.

Yes, this point may sound silly. But sometimes simulating the lives we want to live is reassuring. It gives us hope that we’ll one day be able to do more than simulate good things.

So go ahead. Plan your virtual wedding. Have virtual children with your virtual girlfriend.

Most importantly, patiently await the day you get the chance to do all of those things in the real world.

You’ll Learn a Lot of Things About Yourself

Building a girlfriend from scratch can be enlightening. You find out a lot about what you want and why you want those things.

Sometimes the things you learn are good. Some men, for instance, probably learn what they really want out of women.

Other times, though, your virtual girlfriend will show you the flaws in yourself. In such cases, you should take those opportunities to better yourself.

There’s No Real Commitment

Here’s the deal.

Commitment just isn’t for everybody. And we’re not just talking about in the short term. Some people will never want to commit to someone else.

And that’s perfectly fine.

If you fall into this category, a virtual girlfriend is definitely right up your alley. You’ll never have to commit to one because they’ll never demand more of you.

Not only that, but you can drop your virtual girlfriend whenever you want to. And she won’t make a big fuss about it-even if you dump her via text message.

Considering Getting a Virtual Girlfriend?

If you’re considering getting a virtual girlfriend, we support you. There’s nothing like testing all of the waters and breaking no hearts in the process.

But if virtual girlfriends aren’t your thing? No problem. There are tons of other adult entertainment options out there just waiting to be discovered.

And if you just have questions about the entertainment options listed here? Be sure to contact us. We’ll help you work out any kinks.

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